Experience and knowledge are the fundamental benefit when choosing a consulting company.
Our expertise was developed from years of experience in helping communities succeed in complying with state and other regulatory rules.


Simulated Surveys or Pre-Surveys


Is state survey around the corner? Is your community ready for it? Does your staff have the right tools and are they following policies and procedures?  Be proactive and not procrastinate until there is a problem. An unsuccessful state survey can be very stressful plus the financial loss from state fines and penalties amounting to hundreds of thousands as a result. Valley Nursing and Consulting provides solution and answer to some of the toughest challenges a community is facing. Our company conducts in depth audits and identifies areas where improvement or changes need to happen.

After completion of our audits, your community will be given an exit conference with written report about our findings. We will also provide plans and strategies on how to make corrections or improvements based only on the best practices for communities. If requested, we can also introduce new systems designed to meet the demands of regulatory challenges.

Situation Response and Management


Unfavorable survey results can be very stressful and challenging, knowing that there is such a small-time frame to fix errors or areas that were cited by the state surveyors. Valley Nursing and Consulting has what it takes to get the job done in a timely fashion without sacrificing the quality of your community Services, safety for staff and residents.

Analyzing the whole situation is what we do best. It helps us understand the root causes of problems and based our recommendations. Our goal is to provide you with the needed tools and useful knowledge that will help you pin point potential risks to stay within state regulatory compliance.

Plan of Correction and Informal Dispute Resolution


Your community was given citations for deficiencies. What do you do next?


Do not take this personally on them. This is their job and their job are to look for any deficiency just like you have the job to keep your community safe and in compliance. Some tags can be less serious while other tags can also be very serious as it had caused harm or there is a potential for harm. It is because of these claims that can put your community at risk for stop placement or shutdown. Remember that citations or tags are claims made by the surveyor during their survey visit which was done within a few days. They do not have a whole understanding of what is happening with your community on a daily basis and therefore, their claims for deficiencies are subjected to accuracy.



Your next step is the key to successfully respond to these claims and the experts at Valley Nursing and Consulting can help you develop a reasonable response and also help you create a solid plan of corrections for problem areas. For inaccurate tags or citations, we can help you identify information to refute the citation and assist you in preparing your IDR presentation. Feeling pressured? Lack of experience? We can help boost your confidence by attending your IDR upon your request and assist you with your presentation of facts.



Staff Education and Training


Valley Nursing and Consulting provides the following education and training services:

  • Alzheimer's Association approved Dementia training for staff and family

  • Incident reports

  • Approach towards behaviors

  • Incident reporting and investigation

  • Medication administration

  • Change of condition for short term and long term

  • Temporary service plan.

  • Service planning / Care planning 

  • Health service regulations

  • Abuse/neglect prevention and reporting

  • Senior sexuality and consensual capacity 

  • Objective counseling and mentoring

  • Leadership and conflict resolution 

  • Pain management

  • Psychotropic medication review and evaluation

  • Collaborating with onsite and outside providers

Education and training are presented on-site or in various settings like classroom, conference, breakout sessions, and multiple day courses. 

Clinical Structure and Management


Are your policies and procedures easy to understand and in compliance with state regulations? How are you measuring with industry standards and best practices?

When working with Valley Nursing and Consulting, hiring new staff, can be difficult. We can help your community provide endless services during transitions and turnovers by developing strong understanding, education, and competency checks.

Quality Measures


Valley Nursing and Consulting can provide you with tools and systems to help you stay in-compliance with state and other agency regulations. These systems are created to specifically meet the demands of a growing community and keep up with the ever-changing industry regulations.

Service Plans


The experts at Valley Nursing and Consulting will help you create service plans that are custom fit for your resident specific needs and easy to understand care instructions for the staff.


We will help you stay current with all mandatory service plan updates including short term or long-term service plan updates as based on your resident’s change in condition.

Assessment Forms and Tools


Finding the right resident to live in your community can be a challenge. We at Valley Nursing and Consulting have built a system based on our personal experiences and success to ensure that your potential resident is a perfect fit for your community.



RN Delegation


Our registered nurses have the experience working in community-based setting and are competent in rendering RN delegation tasks. Our RN’s are skilled in working in senior population and are well versed in state regulations.

Administrative Assistance


Our administrative services will ensure that Oregon administrative rules throughout your community are being followed and offer assistance in areas that are challenged.


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